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Executive Reporting / KPI and Exception Management Tools
est. $3-6k /month

  • Understand your business operations  

  • Measure results, set better goals

  • Discover issues and strengths within the business and strategy

Monthly Report delivered directly to leadership and stakeholder teams showcasing current state of business, performance, and trends. A summary review of established KPIs and metrics used to drive and measure business operations and give decision makers the information and power to make the best choices for the business.

Most Popular requests are Sales Reporting & Inventory Reporting

Demand Planning and Multichannel Forecasting 
est. $6-8k /month

  • Fewer stock-outs, increased sales

  • Improved purchasing, less inventory risk

  • Improve predictability around cash flow, and operational requirements

Receive updated forecasts monthly and stay on top of business and product trends while saving time, money, resources, and driving direct improvement to operations and sales metrics. Outsource your planning to us and utilize our 10+ years of experience in forecasting and shaping demand plans for less than the hire of a entry level analyst. In addition we use the latest statistical software and data management tools that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to implement. 

Forecasting plus Inventory Management Consulting
est. $8-10k /month

  • Fewer stock-outs, increased sales

  • A better understanding of product availability

  • Improve predictability around cash flow, and operational requirements

Inventory management package includes services detailed under 'Demand Planning and Multichannel Forecasting' plus inventory tools, reports, and strategy reviews. Improving forecasts is a very important step toward improving business operations. Adding Inventory controls will allow for additional improvement to cover where changing demand may still exist as well as monitoring overall inventory health to prevent excess, static, or obsolete inventory from wasting space and resources

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) / IBP Development
est. $10-12k /month

  • ​Improve Business Alignment 

  • Reduced Supply Chain Risk

  • Increase Business Productivity

You have the team just not the process. Sales and Operations Planning is a process used by businesses to balance demand and supply with the goal of maximizing efficiency and profitability. We will work with your operations, finance, and sales teams to develop and implement an S&OP/IBP process allowing for improved reporting, communication, and decision-making across the organization.

Typical project range 3-6 months.

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