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Tier 2: Outsourced Demand Planning

Stay Ahead with Predictive Planning

Elevate your inventory strategy with advanced demand planning. Builds upon the foundation set in Tier 1 by integrating sophisticated demand planning strategies. Suited for businesses that are ready to take a more dynamic and predictive approach to manage their inventory and sales forecasts.

Results You Can Expect:

  • Enhanced Forecast Accuracy: Improved prediction of sales and customer demand, leading to more effective inventory planning.

  • Responsive Inventory Management: Ability to quickly adjust to market changes and sales trends, maintaining optimal inventory levels.

  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes for demand planning, leading to time savings and operational improvements.

Outsourced Demand Planning Includes:

  • Includes Inventory Audit Report from Tier 1: Ensures continuity and builds upon the initial inventory analysis.

  • Monthly Product Forecasting: Provides regular updates to forecasts, keeping them aligned with market trends and sales data.

  • Forecast Change and Review File: Allows for tracking the accuracy and adjustments of forecasts over time.

  • Sales & Trend Analysis: Delivers deeper insights into sales performance and upcoming market trends.

  • Strategies to Improve Inventory Health: Advanced strategies to further optimize inventory levels and reduce waste or shortages.

Key Solutions:

  • Advanced Forecasting Techniques: Utilization of sophisticated models and analysis tools for accurate forecasting.

  • Continuous Improvement Mechanism: Regular review and adjustment of forecasts to keep them aligned with changing market conditions.

Estimated Investment: $6-8k p/month

Client Benefits:

  • Develops a more proactive approach to inventory and sales forecasting.

  • Regular updates keep strategies aligned with market and sales dynamics.

  • Advanced analysis tools offer deeper insights for better decision-making.

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