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We help companies develop and outsource their sales and operations planning while driving a reduction in stockouts, wasted resources, static inventory, and lost sales

Demand planning is a critical component and the primary link between sales forecasts and the production plan. Most companies fail to recognize the importance of demand planning and as a result, have either excess inventory, routine stockouts, or both. Whether Forecasting at the business, customer, or product level, Demand Planning is about setting the stage on which to execute, all with the ultimate goal of making sure you have the product the customer wants when the customer wants it. 

Our primary inspiration is to promote the value and importance that proper forecasting and inventory planning brings while recognizing the future and utility of outsourcing overhead supply chain functions. The business formula is simple; if it's not making your business money, then it's costing your business money. In today's competitive market place companies and their supply chain must be lean, efficient, and adaptive in both process and cost. Our service enables immediate and direct operational improvement while allowing and enabling your team to focus on business execution and sales, all while saving time, money, and resources. 

Walid Nasserdeen

Walid N. Nasserdeen


Experienced Operations professional with a demonstrated history in the Consumer Goods Industry. Studied in Finance and applied Economics. 10+ years building out and managing Demand and Operations Planning. $5MM-$500MM Brands. Specialized in New Product Launches and S&OP development.

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